Sunday, August 7, 2016


After a mix of successes (Concord tee came out good) and failures (Jalie 3243 looks terrible on, and So Sew Easy Summer Drape Top wasn't looking promising enough to finish), my will to sew hasn't been too much lately.  But there are several things I want or need in my closet for the final month of summer or for when I return to work in the fall, so hopefully getting a clearer sense of what those things are - and how easy most of them should be! - I can get back on track.

Summer clothes - there's still at least a month of hot weather left, after all!
  • Tees and tanktops.  Most of my RTW tops fit poorly or were never all that good in the first place.  Several basic, solid-color tees and tanks are called for.
  • More interesting short-sleeve or sleeveless tops - basics are nice, but I also have very few non-tee/tank summer tops.  Even a simple cowl neckline or some ruching would add some interest.  McCall's 6963 is probably the first one I'd try, though I need to check reviews for it.
  • Knit gaucho pants (Butterick 4807).  My RTW knit gauchos are my preferred summer bottom, but the only pair I have is wearing out and in the laundry half the time I want them.  I hope this project will be quick and easy.
Work clothes
  • ITY knit loose pants - for when it's too warm to want to wear trousers.  Lots of pattern possibilities, so picking one is probably going to be the hardest part.
  •  More short-sleeve tops.  I'm good on sleeveless and on sweaters, but transitional wear that's good on its own or under a cardigan is somewhat lacking.