Monday, October 3, 2016

Thing a Week, Weeks 2 and 3

Thing-a-week continues, but without much passion.  For week 2, I decided on a Concord with mid-length sleeves out of a cute euro knit.  Although this came together well in terms of construction, the fabric was enough different from what I've used on previous Concords that it's really too snug.  It looks okay from the front, but the back isn't good - I could really do without fabric clinging to the roll my bra creates - and the sleeves are really a bit too tight too.

It's wearable, with a cardigan over to hide the back, but not a success.

For week 3, I decided to try out a new pattern for boxer-briefs, the Comox Trunks by Thread Theory.  The main draw for these is the butt seams, which should make it easier to use a print with obvious up-and-down (the grainline can be vertical on the butt panel, but also on the side panels).  Since they are a first run at this pattern, I let coverstitch troubles go uncorrected.  Thus, no pics, they look like a mess.  But they're just a first draft to see if this style works for my partner.  But let the record show, I did complete week 3's thing.

Once more, I find myself in need of an easy, likely-to-be-successful project to keep sewing morale high.  The concord was meant to be that.  Perhaps this week I'll trace off the 16 G/H and give it another go?  I'll definitely want to make it out of heavier knits like this one sooner or later.