Monday, September 1, 2014

Jalie 3245 Raglan Tee

I made this raglan in anticipation of going to a Milwaukee Brewers (hence the gold and navy) game with the boyfriend.  A lot tried to go wrong with this top - the fabric I ordered didn't arrive until Friday night before the Sunday game, and the colors turned out wrong, so I ended up using cheap poly/cotton knit from Joann that I could have started on anytime that week.  And several silly errors - seams ending up on the outside and such - made it take much longer than it should have.  But I did get it done in time for the game.

This mostly went together well, though I changed the neckline.  I couldn't quite figure out the pattern's instructions to make their neckline work, and time was running out, so I just made my own and attached it in a more familiar way (though one that leaves visible topstitching, which apparently the original pattern method did not).

You can also see that the zig-zag stitching attaching the sleeves is visibly pucker-y; I must need to switch to a smaller stitch length.

I also took in the sides quite a bit - about four inches in all.  I'm several sizes larger in the bust than in the waist for most pattern brands, and I didn't want the top to be too snug, so I chose the size based on my bust measurement.
The fit could be improved, but overall I'm happy enough with the end result - especially since the fabric is already pilling after one wash, so this isn't something I'm going to be wearing often!

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